CEO of IKAC co: The key to Success is Sympathy, Transparency and Interaction

news image -  IKAC Communication, Media and International affairs

Shahram Adamnejad, CEO of IKAC co. and the former Deputy Director of planning in Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization talked at the inauguration ceremony of the new deputy of this organization.
After presenting a report on the activities carried out in his management area, Adamnejad said “in the field of transportation and planning, good plans were proposed, which turned into great works and they are still being development, including the renovation of road transportation, data processing and registration information, data integration, the development of intelligent transportation and speed violation systems, which have developed considerably in cooperation with other organizations like Read Police.

According to Communication, Media and International affairs of IKAC, acknowledging the success of Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization as a result of the empathy and cooperation of managers and staff, transparency in work and interaction and good communication with other organizations, Adamnejad added that “other projects in the field of planning have been defined among which are Sepahtan and the inside car equipment which have been exploited in the other countries and produced added value for the organization. He also thanked engineer Kourosh Fattahi for his contributions to the IKAC co.
At the end of the ceremony, Shahram Adamnejad was recognized for his services in the deputy's office on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Faramarz Madadah was announced as the member of the Executive Committee and deputy director of Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization. 

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