The priority is to improve airport services

news image - Communication, Media and International affairs of IKAC

The priority is to improve airport services, said managing director of IKAC Co in the press conference.
Saying the development of airport services is the priority of the complex, Shahram Adamnejad the managing director of IKAC Co added that "alongside this priority, the establishment of a comprehensive logistic system will be on the agenda."
According to Communication, Media and International affairs of IKAC, speaking in the press conference and with reference to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development 8 articles of proclamation said: “The present proclamation discusses the improvement and modification of the processes that passengers and airport customers deal with, as a priority. The essential arrangements will be made with all the partner organizations to improve the quality of these services.”
Emphasizing other developmental priorities of airport city, he added: "The establishment of the logistic system is another priority. This system affects both the aerospace industry and other sectors. Tehran as the capital city needs the development of logistic system and airport city can be forerunner in this regard.”
Adamnejad also noted the increase in the airport capacity and said: "The development of terminals is also on the agenda with regard to the present demand. We hope Salam terminal will be ready for all people and passengers until the next year so that we eventually eliminate the problem of passenger congestions at the airport.”

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