The appointment of the new CEO of Imam Khomeini Airport City Co.

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Minister of Roads and Urban Development appoints Shahram Adamnezhad as Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of IKAC.
According to the Department of Communications, Media and International affairs, Abbas Akhoundi, minister of Roads and Urban Development, issued a decree appointing Shahram Adamnezhad as CEO and member of the board of directors of Imam Khomeini Airport City.
The context of the statement of the Minister is as seen below:
Dear Mr. Shahram Adamnezhad
Considering your commitment, expertise and the valuable experiences of your excellency, and based on Article 26 of the Statute, and also the general assembly's approval of the Company dated 27/12/2017 and according to this decree, you have been appointed as the CEO and member of the board of directors of the airport city of Imam Khomeini.

Given your new position, certain points should be considered:
• Our most important mission in the government is to establish and enforce regulations to enhance safety, welfare, improve the quality of services and protect the rights of citizenship. Therefore, proceed in the planning and supervision over the organization, the executive management and operational processes of the airport city of Imam Khomeini, maintaining the international standards.
• Safety and regulation standards are indisputable in aviation operations. You and the board of directors of the company are expected to proceed according to a specific program towards improving the situation of the Imam Khomeini international airport.
• The Imam Khomeini airport city company has three different management purposes: Management of free and non-free trade zones, development of the airport and the current management of the airport. The organizing system of this triple purpose company and the establishment of a corporate governance system requires attention to its complexities. The minimum condition to be followed is to establish a relative independent system of these commissions, in order to assess the success in each one.
• The government’s policy is based on liberalizing and maximizing the share of the private section in national economy. All else aside, it requires transparency and the establishment of a competitive atmosphere in all of the company's operating grounds.
• Developing and modernizing Imam Khomeini airport requires a lot of investment. However, optimizing the expenditure of these investments should be a top priority.
• Attaining new technologies and upgrading existing ones as well as training and developing manpower at Imam Khomeini airport should be considered in public and private sections.
• The certain objectives have been taken into account in the development plan of Imam Khomeini Airport. The accurate planning and provision of necessary resources to reach those objectives and the expected situation of this airport in the regional airports network should be considered by you and the board of directors.
• The usage of Information Technology at the airport is emphasized both in managing the organization and facilitating the access of citizens and passengers to data and services as well as access to the internet network at the airport and other related services.
It is worth mentioning that Mr. Adamnezhad was, before issuing this decree, the deputy director of Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization. He has a great managerial background in management and organizational evaluation and is a major transportation industry strategist.

Department of Communications, Media and International affairs of IKAC

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