Training course familiar with the rules and standards friction test flight leveles and eliminate the cosequences of aircraft tires

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Hamid Reza Nosrati general Manager of office supplies and equipment Airport on the sidelines of the curriculum by Mr.Dieter Pade one of the most prominent teachers of this subject at ICAO and ACI, saying, in accordance with existing international standards and based on the volume of fights to this airport due to the importance of testing the friction surfaces flight safety, test operation of friction should be in the range of two to four weeks by special equipment . if the level of the friction reaches the MPL level it must be programmed to perform the necessary operations to eliminate the cosequences of tires of aircraft on the runway .
General manager of office supplies and equipment Airport said the based on research , the amount of carbon left by the landing of wide _body aircraft on the runway around 8kg is declared if the friction based due to the presence of these substances band to the minimum friction level (MFL) is based on international rules in Annex 14 the take off and landing aircraft at the runway was not possible and the airport will virtually shut down.
Mr.Nosrati while emphasizing compliance with all requirements and standards for airport said planning for a testing machine friction surface flight for the above operations and compliance with international standards in this field and increse the safety of flights at the airport of Imam Khomeini (RA) by it has been done.

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