Fattahi appointed New Managing Director of Imam Khomeini Airport City

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On Sunday, July 23rd The new Imam Khomeini Airport City managing director , Koroush Fattahi , was introduced.In a ceremony attended by Ali Abedzadeh, the head of the Civil Aviation Organization , members of the board of directors, a number of managers from Countrie' s Airport and Navigation Company , Fattahi was introduced as the new manager and Mahmoud Navidi , the previous manager was absent in the ceremony .
According to Public Relations and International Affairs Unit of Imam Khomeini Airport City, Mr. Fattahi at the begining of the ceremony said, from today , until the new CEO Imam Khomeini Airport City would be introduced, I will be responsible for this company .
He added , during this 1 year I learned many experiences with Mr.Navidi and hope to be successful everywhere he is The New Supervisor declared we will try to apply the statements of the Supreme Leader about resistive economy and production and employment in this company
He said , Imam Khomeini Airport City is a typical example of resistive economy and all of our colleagues in the company will work together to take the necessary steps to reach the goals of the Supreme Leader's statements.He said, we will pursue two serious goals with this responsibility the first goal is to keep calm and the second goal is work in the field of law and having close cooperation with regulatory agencies.
He emphasized that Imam Khomeini Airport City is one of the most sensitive and most sophisticated airports in the country. He noted IKAC Airport is not an ordinary airport and all of our activities have an international impact .In the end, he thanked the Minister and pointed now our first priority is flights of Hajj.
Public Relations and International Affairs of Imam Khomeini Airport City

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