social responsibility

Social responsibility

According to our long-term objectives for development of IKAC, we make ourselves committed to take steps towards fulfillment of our sustainable development goals and be honest predecessors for coming generations. For this purpose, we put our social, environmental and economic missions on top of our agenda. We are aware of what effects our current operations and developmental effort exert on local and social environment. Therefore, we aim to keep adverse effects to the lowest level possible and base our programs on optimization of processes. The followings are part of the measures that we decide to launch for fulfillment of our IKAC development with special focus on our social responsibility:

  • To create 34.000 new jobs with special focus on employment of local manpower
  • Taking 0.23% of GDP until 2022
  • Ensuring the most desirable experience for our passengers by providing best services
  • Making business convenient by implementation of easy processes and establishment of Panjareh system
  • Expansion of smart city infrastructures
  • Reducing environmental adverse effects by making resistance strategy
  • Enhancing the quality of airport facilities necessary for reducing greenhouse gasses
  • Utilizing cheap and clean energies by using solar energy source
  • Making proper waste management strategy
  • Constructing air pollution station

Here you can read of some projects that IKAC is going to launch in relation to social responsibility:

IKAC Kindness Ambassador are teams made up of interested and skillful young members whose mission is to ensure passengers’ satisfaction during their stay at the airport by standing at ‘Ask Me’ desks also known as ‘Service Desks’ and ‘Passenger Guide’ through terminals. They are ready to answer passenger’s questions. They know passenger’s needs well and thanks to being fluent in at least two languages they are prepared to receive passengers and get aware of their problems and concerns as to who they must pass through terminals and board on plane. They are there to ensure passengers are having relax and convenient travels.

In designing Iranshahr Terminal, the largest passenger terminal of Iran, IKAC published a nationwide invitation in March 2018 with an intention to attract general public ideas. We received a massive welcome with 12.000 comments and 565 structured ideas submitted in audio, text, animation, design and painting formats. Our jury panel assessed them all and finally selected 6 of them as Eminent Ideas, and their submitters were subsequently appreciated and prized during a special ceremony attended by Minister of Roads and Urban Planning in June 2018.

For the purpose of helping people with special conditions and as part of our mission to be socially responsible, IKAC has provided specific facilities to NGOs and charitable institutions including:

  • Advertisement space for MAHAK, Kharizak and Bachehaye Aseman (heaven kids) institutions in terminal 1
  • Employment of a number of Raad Alghadir charitable institution members at flight information counter
  • Employment of a number of Roshanaye Omid (hope light) charitable institution members at Salam Terminal.
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