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Business Values

IKAC has three sets of business values. To get aware of each set do not hesitate to click its item.

IKAC provides you an international environment for business and an ideal location for Iranian and international exportation companies:

  • It provides basic facilities and infrastructures needed by clients for the purpose of manufacturing and service rendering businesses of international class
  • It provides access to consumption market and a platform to grow economic contacts for international corporations through communications with mainland
  • It provides investment advantages and incentives similar to those typically rendered by international trade zones
  • It provides a safe, innovative, enjoyable and international atmosphere for business.

IKAC is going to develop rapidly into becoming a smart city and an economic engine for Tehran/Iran.

  • Airport city and surrounding areas with independent identities can develop when they establish positive interaction.
  • Airport city works to provide high quality urban services
  • Airport city is going to develop on the basis of sustainable development standards in order to protect businesses for long-term period.

Airport city can protect easy business in the following manners:

  • Setting up service offices
  • Setting up Panjareh system for service rendering
  • Establishment of transparent administrative procedures
  • Enforcement of international and competitive standards in free trade and special economic zone
  • Providing legal suggestions and executive solutions and instructions for fostering the course of affairs.
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