Investment projects

Investment projects

Terminal No. 2
Monday، 22 October 2018 - 16:03

The development of the first phase of the Terminal No. 2 through attracting foreign investments is one of the most important development plans at IKIA. This includes construction of the Terminal Building, Apron (Airplane stands) connecting to the Terminal and the Ground Handling Center which itself includes the center for integrating all modes of Ground Transportation, Car Parking, Access Roads and Kerb. The first phase will be developed to handle 25 MAP and the future phases will handle up to 90-100 MAP. The connecting Apron which has a surface of reinforced concrete occupies an area of 1.050.000 m2 and includes a number of 71 airplane stands out of which 45 stands are connected and 26 ones are remote stands. The GHC of the Terminal and the front part of the departure and arrival flights kerb will connect to a Subway Station and Tehran-Qom-Isfahan High-speed Train through a Plaza which holds commercial facilities such as Retail Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and other recreational facilities and has been considered as the heart of the center for integrating different modes of transportation. Moreover, the Car Parking and the Bus and Taxi Stations are a short walk from the GTC.


  • Terminal Building area in the first phase (gross amount): 410.000 m2
  • Apron: 1.050.000 m2
  • GTC: 36.000 m2
  • Car Parking: 203.000 m2
  • Key elements: The new Control Tower, The Runway 2 as the Southern Runway, the new Fire Station, The Airplane Fueling Systems, the Customs storage and the warehouse, Infrastructure Networks and …..

  • Investment estimate: : 2.5 billion Euros

  • The method of investment: EPCF

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  • Terminal No. 2
  • Terminal No. 2
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