Investment projects

Investment projects

Air Cargo
Monday، 22 October 2018 - 15:49

According to the development plan of IKAC, it has been estimated that the total volume of air cargo at IKIA in 2021 will come to 340.000 t. Considering the vision of the Airport in the 5th Development Plan, the volume of Air Cargo will come to 2 million t in 2046. For reaching this volume and supporting the relevant air cargo activities, the Master Plan of IKAC has envisaged 80 h for the current and future development of Air Cargo functions at IKIA. This area includes several plots for Air Cargo terminals and other activities related to the 1st line activities (in the Apron) and facilities and warehouses of the forwarding warehouses in the 2nd line. This area has direct access to Logistics, commercial and light-industries facilities. Besides, this area has improved its attractiveness through creating unity and suitable access to varied modes of transportation. The Cargo area is located in the fenced custom-bonded area and the lessees can work under the conditions of the Free Zone regulations and laws. The Air Cargo Terminal will be managed by an Operator which is able to provide services at national and international levels.

Area: The Air Cargo Terminal will be constructed in the south of the Airport in an area of 56.000 m2.

The key elements of the Project:

  • The plots of 200 *280 m are allocated to the Air Cargo Terminal.
  • The Airplane Parking at the Airside and in the northern part of the Terminal.

Other related areas:

  • Truck Parking, RFS (Road Feeder Services) and other vehicle Parking
  • Non-specific Parking for different forwarders
  • Specific Warehouses of the forwarders
  • Handling area and packaging and opening stations of the Cargo parcels and packages
  • Warehouses (container, bulk goods, special goods)
  • Warehouse and duck
  • Customs
  • Services containers
  • Customers service containers
  • Parking for trucks and other vehicles at site

  • Investment estimate: Unlimited, based on the proposed business of the applicant

  • Method of investment: BOT through long-term land leases contracts along with the work pemission/li>

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  • Air Cargo
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