Five Year Development Plan

About Five Year Development Plan

For the purpose of creating a common and comprehensive understanding of the first phase of the Master plan, the Five Year Development Plan (FYDP) was devised for a period covering 2018 until 2022 aiming to address the basic needs and creating infrastructures that airport city requires for ensuring economic boost. To this end, three separate projects entitled ‘passenger experience’, airport city establishment’ and ‘future success key’ were defined each one containing a variety of plans ending up to totally 62 projects for airport city development.

Followings are current and potential planned for facilities in Imam Khomeini Airport under FYDP:


Salam Terminal

Iranshahr New Terminal

In airport zone, the main focus of FYDP is to set up Irashahr New Terminal and Terminal 1. In addition to new infrastructures for airport city, arrangements are to be made for businesses in logistic, airplane cargo and repair/maintenance as well.

Airport capacity development

In response to growing demand and passenger/cargo traffic which has been foreseen to increase during the coming years, IKAC plans to develop Terminal 1 and to set up a note terminal known as Iranshahr New Terminal. By adding Salam Terminal with a capacity of 5 million passengers per annum and by renovation of Terminal 1 and increasing it capacity from 9 million to 10 million passengers per annum, there will be no shortage to handle the demand needs for a five-year period.

Service improvement

Concurrent with the measures planned to increase capacities for growing passenger/cargo traffic, another actions on the top of IKAC agenda is to improve the quality services as an important factor for achievement of IKAC objectives. To this end, a significant action to be taken for the coming 5 years is to conduct a thorough study on service standards and to apply to be listed in one of the global rankings in terms of service rendering to passengers.

Sustainable development

We intend to employ high tech in favor of enhancement of performance and infrastructures in accordance with our sustainable development targets and social responsibility, with a view to keep low any adverse implications arising from our activities leading to society/industry/ climate changes and to ensure using all potentials to improve activities.

Financial independence

Airport city business model has been designed in a way that it shall have no financial dependence to government fund. This goal has been included in the development of both airport and airport city. For that purpose, airport city must target non-aviation revenues and businesses as a top strategy to achieve financial independence. It is a mutual support between the airport and such businesses. If the airport city does well, it can create value and give rise to demand growth for aerial services at the airport.

Based upon the national policies on IKAC, if the strategic actions are properly put into practice under Five Year Development Plan, following achievements shall be made:

  • establishment of airport city
  • cargo hub in Iran
  • standing in higher position in the world map

Since transportation industry is one of the top productive areas of economies of the world, airport and airport city activities shall have direct contribution to national economy and generation of job opportunities. For this purpose, the targets of airport city for FYDP shall be as follows:

  • Financial independence
  • Generation of job opportunities

Hence, by the end of 2022 and completion of FYDP projects and creation of 34 000 new jobs, the airport and airport city shall be supporting an overall number of 52400 jobs with 1100 USD value added in gross domestic production (GDP) (corresponding to 0.23%).

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