Five Year Development Plan projects


Iranshahr Terminal

Passenger terminals topology for 2046 and final phase made an additional terminal known as Iranshahr Terminal as an ideal choice to act as a centralized terminal for reception of the passengers. Designed to be located at the southern part of the aerial zone, Iranshahr Terminal has access to the southern runway and can be connected to the northern runway by taxiway bridges. It is estimated that this terminal shall be able to handle 25 million passengers during the first design and development phase over an area of 410 000 square meters. It is planned to increase this capacity up to 2046 by 55 million to 60 million passenger over a area of 655 000 square meters and until the final phase and addition of terminals this figure shall be raised to 90 to 110 million passengers per annum.

Terminal 2 Projects
    • Terminal 2 premises – phase 1
    • Terminal 2 apron
    • PBB, PCA, GPU terminal 2 apron facilities
    • Terminal 2 aprons- hydrant system
    • Terminal 2 access ways
    • Including structures
    • Secondary roads surrounding Terminal 2
    • Terminal 2 land transportation center
    • Terminal 2 short stoppage parking lots- multilevel
    • Central facilities power house
    • New traffic tower
    • Cargo compilation center
    • Rubbish disposal station and airplane water supply
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