Five Year Development Plan projects


Runway No. 2

Runway no. 2 is situated at southern part of aerial zone which shall be used, after being completed, to support Iranshahr terminal and airplane cargo/maintenance sections. Runway no. 2 development project aims at improving capacity, security, safety and traffic handling.

Flight runway no. 2
    • Construction Operations of Flight Runway no. 2/ Taxiways
    • Firefighting station
    • Aerial zone roads
    • Areal zone fence
    • Land lighting facilities at aerial zone
    • Routing equipment at flight runway no. 2
    • Tunnel under flight runway no. 2
    • Civil activities of crossover taxiways
    • Southern parallel taxiway
    • Flight runway exit points
    • Southern parallel taxiway
    • Runways exit point
    • Parking of airplanes suspect of carrying explosives
    • Aerial zone road bridge
    • Tunnels under taxiways (X2)
    • Firefighting station
    • Southern cargo apron and relevant infrastructures
    • Southern repair and maintenance apron and relevant infrastructures
    • Airplane engine test station
    • Security facilities (gates for aerial and land zones)
    • Airport maintenance facilities
    • New flight processes
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