Five Year Development Plan projects


Terminal No. 1

Terminal 1 is the first IKAC passenger terminal which was operated in 2005 and from then on, it has kept expanding in different areas of activity. It has been designed by well-known French designer, Paul Andrew. He has been inspired by Chehelsotoun historical monument in designing pillars and mirrors of the terminal. It is located in north east side of the aerial zone and works to handle flights through northern runway. At the present time, it has a surface area of 84000 square meters comprising of 7 passenger bridges with a capacity of handling 6.5 million passengers per annum. Development of this terminal paves the way for creating an opportunity to give passengers desirable experience and high quality services. Renovation of Terminal 1 which comprises of expanding its public space, restaurants, entrance hall and cargo delivery, passport checking gates etc., shall increase the capacity of this terminal up to 9 million of passengers a year. Also it is planned to set up a temporary terminal close to this terminal as long as the Iranshahr Terminal has not been prepared for domestic flights.

Terminal 1 projects
    • Terminal 1 renovation
    • Auxiliary terminal
    • Multi-level parking no. 3
    • Mosque
    • Spine road inlet in the vicinity of hotel (parking no. 3)
    • Flight security premise
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