Customs regulations on animals

  • Animal Arrival
  • Animal Departure
  • For arrival of animal, international health certificate containing microchip number (for birds) issued by veterinary organization of the country of origin must be furnished. Date of issue must not be more than seven days on the date it is being furnished.
  • Health identification card of the animal (in original and copy duplicates) containing explanations about vaccination of the animal speceially rabies vaccine must be presented.
  • First page of passport musts be furnished (in original and copy duplicates)
  • Name of the passenger along with microchip number of the abnimal (for birds) must have been inserted in certificatre and health identity caard of the animal.
  • In case of failure to present any of the aforementioned documents or in case of detection of an illness symptom, that animal is not allowed to be discharge.
  • Presentation of original and copy of health certificate issued by veterinary authorities
  • Presentation of original and copy of health identity card of the animal explaining vaccination detils specially rabies vaccine.
  • Presentation of original and copy of first page of passport
  • Insertion of name of passenger and microchip of the animal (for birds) in health certificate and health identity card.
  • Above documents must be presented to quarantine unit of airport no later than four hours preceding the flight
  • Passenger's animal (for the purpose of taking abroad or bringing along) means pets and birds. Passengers are not allowed to bring along or take abroad other animals including aquastics and reptiles etc., their foods and drugs etc., and any raw materials connected with animals or used by live stocks.
  • The animals who have been taken abroad with permission of Iran Veterinary Organization must, on arrival, obtain such permission from the authorities of the country of origin.
  • As for birds, all health documents must be furnished. After sampling and checking in laboratory, the birds can be discharged.
  • Passengers can have no more than two dogs and two cats (four pets) from each species and two birds from each species (at most 10 birds).
  • Taking abroad the exceptional specifies or the species subject to extinction depends upon permission of Environment Organization of Iran. As for arrival, that of the country of origin is required (CITES).
  • For more information, please visit website of Veterinary Department of Tehran via

Tel. number of quarantine division of Veterinary Department of Tehran: 021-44787529

Tel. number of quarantine unit of airport: 09104572046,021-55678192

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