Border health services

Boarder Health Service

Boarder Health Service

By virtue of circulars of Ministry of Health, Treatment & Medical Education o Iran in 2008 for airports (also known as IHR), Imam Khomeini International Airport has set up border health stations which work to provide services to passengers. Here are some information as to how they provide services to passengers:

  • Polio vaccination (for children under 15 or all people) for passengers arriving from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as other risky countries in accordance with instructions laid down by Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.
  • Detection and screening of arriving passengers in terms of having prevalent infectious diseases according to syndromic surveillance system (influenza, coronavirus, Ebola, Zika virus, polio, malaria, El Tor, HIV etc.)
  • Giving instructions aimed at informing passengers and airport staff about prevalent diseases.
  • Influenza vaccination for employed staff in different parts of the airport with prior coordination.
  • Medical examination of Iranians being jailed in foreign countries for infectious diseases on arrival
  • Checking and discharging dead bodies arriving from foreign countries (for detection if cause of death has been infectious diseases)
  • Medical examination of passengers referring to this station for being checked in terms of having infectious disease.
Services Special for Peak of Pilgrimage Flights:
  • Giving instructions to pilgrims in different formats (speech, film, slide, pamphlets etc.) about how to prevent diseases.
  • Giving instructions to pilgrims at risk and attending their problems.
  • Detection of individuals suspicious of having infectious diseases and checking body temperature of all pilgrims particularly vulnerable groups (elders, disabled people and special patients)
  • Visiting sick pilgrims and recording their medical information for tracking their disease at home.
  • Checking laboratory specimens for diagnosis purpose (cholera, malaria, AIDS) and sending infected specimens to reference laboratory.
  • Coordination with emergency unit of airport for transfer of pilgrims with acute respiratory infectious disease.
  • Tracing all passengers being suspected of illness until fourteen days following their arrival.

Border Health Station contact:

Please contact Border Health Station of Imam Khomeini International Airport via 44666736-51007320


Click to see flowcharts of border health station:

Flowchart 1

Flowchart of arriving flights in Hajj period and border health station of Imam Khomeini airport

Flowchart 2

Departure flights flowchart for Hajj period and Border Health Station of Imam Khomeini Airport


Flowchart 3

Corpse discharge process from border health center of Imam Khomeini Airport by physicians

Flowchart 4

Flowchart of the process of reporting any insects in airplane to Imam Khomeini border health station


Flowchart 5

polio flowchart of children under 15 (Iranian and non-Iranian) in arrival/departure flights

Flowchart 6

Screening flowchart for arrival flights according to syndromic standards in border health station

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