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Car Rental

Tosseh Andish Sepand Company is a world pioneer in car rental industry with a diverse range of economic and luxury cars ready for service in more than 13000 stations across the world. Europcar, with an experience of more than 60 years in no-driver car rental industry, has the highest share in Europe and many other spots of the world. It is currently ready to provide a variable range of services and qualities in Iran.

  • rate of rental for short time
  • rate of rental for long time

Short time rental is a sort of rental which takes a period of ranging between one day and 28 days. This service is currently offered by Europcar, i.e, customers can rent a car in one specific station and deliver the same in another station. In short time rentals, very low limitations may be impose to customers for their convenience. This service is offered to Iranians living abroad, non-Iranians, Iranians living inside Iran, companies and organizations. For reservation there are three means: online reservation, telephone reservation, email reservation.

Every natural person or legal entity may prefer to rent a car for their long-term needs than buying it. Needless to say that renting a car is far more cost-effective for long-term needs than buying it and paying for its maintenance. Long-term rent is a sort of rental which is not shorter than 28 days and not longer than 360 days. Having understood customers’ need, Europcar Car Rental Agency is prepared to meet customers’ long-term need for car.

By long-term renting from Europcar, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Competitive and cost-effective prices which are less than daily rental prices.
  • Having access to Europcar services in all stations of this company across Iran.
  • Having access to various insurance protections depending on your specific need.
  • Having the option to rent any car available in the list of Europcar vehicles.
  • Having option to rent even cars which are not in the list of Europcar vehicles.
  • Prompt delivery after undersigning the contract.
  • Enjoying support and maintenance and repair services throughout rental term.
  • Succession car for the broke-down car or the car which does not satisfy customer with new one
  • Upgrading the vehicle or adding to its options after commencement of contract.
  • Having access to daily and weekly traffic plan exemptions commutes.
  • Keeping guarantees low and convenient.
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