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Load Tracking

This page proves some information in question and answer format which may be asked by many passengers:

What should I do if I have valuable items in baggage?

You must carry them in a purse to plane cabin, or you can ask Homa Load Unit to insure that item for you depending on its value.

What is basis for compensation of baggage?

Weight is the basis for liability of airliner not true value of baggage.

How much a parcel/ baggage must weight on delivery to reception?

Your package/ baggage must not exceed 23kg in weight (regardless of the free baggage as stipulated in your ticket).

What can I do if my baggage was damaged or stolen?

Homa personnel are ready to make a file in such case. They would help you with compensation and how to carry out insurance procedures with insurance units of Homa which are based at headquarter in Mehr Abad Airport.

What can I do if my baggage does not reach the destination?

Relevant information is taken from you by baggage officers of Homa and they are recorded in a mechanized system which is linked to all the airports of the world internationally. This system helps you track your lost baggage. As soon as your baggage is found, baggage officers would let you know.

What tips I must observe when I am taking my baggage at destination station?

What tips must be observed when delivering baggage to receptionist?


What measures I must adopt if have fragile items?

Your baggage must also be packed properly and be standard when delivering to receptionist. Otherwise, airliner shall take no responsibility about any damage to your baggage. However, if you deliver your baggage to load unit of Homa airline for which a bill of laden is issued, your baggage would be under insurance protection.

Can I accept baggage of someone else to deliver to receptionist along with mine?

What items I must not put in my baggage when delivering it to receptionist?

Any items which are prone to corruption, fragile items, cash money, jewelry, documents, liquids, flammable objects and the like.

What are the limitations imposed for carrying baggage inside plane?

You are allowed to have a purse which must not be larger, in size, than the chamber on top of passenger or under the seat. It means that dimensions must not exceed 25×45×56 cm (altogether not exceeding 115 cm). Also it must not exceed 5kg in weight for ordinary class passengers and 7kg for Homa class passengers. In conclusion, we draw you attention to a couple of important tips which must be observe when delivering your load to plane: for safety concerns, do not put liquids such as oils, vinegar etc., inside your baggage because it may damage your own baggage and those of others. No airliners, including Homa airline, bear responsibility for your valuable items (such as jewelry, cash money, documents etc.) in your baggage. So you are recommended to have them in your purse and take them along in plane, or have them insured through load unit.

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