What are the requirements of international and foreign flights?

In international flights, your passport must be valid for the next six month; otherwise, you may be held accountable for that. If your visa or residence in a foreign country is going to be less than six months, you have to buy a return ticket; otherwise, you are to bear the consequences such as not being allowed to board on plane. Also, you are to take visa responsibilities and observance of the laws of your country of destination.

What time before flight I have be present at the airport?

One hour for internal flights and two hours for foreign flights. Then you must go to relevant counter and present your ticket and identify card to get travel pass. Do not forget that the counter would be closed 40 minutes before flight time.

To what terminal in Tehran airpots I have to refer in order to be able to board on plane?

Terminal 1: Kish Air, Zagros Terminal 2: Iran Air, Iran Air Tour, ATA, Gheshm Air, Meraj, Naft Terminal, 4: Mahan, Caspian, Aseman, Atrak, Taban, Sepahan airlines. Among Tehran airports, foreign flights are to be done at Imam Khomeini Airport.

Do I need to furnish my identity card for internal flights too?

Yes. For all internal flights you need to have a valid identity card (birth certificate, national identity card, driving license, passport) before you board on plane when you want to ask a travel pass and enter into transit hall.

What is the price of ticket for infants?

Charter tickets have two prices. Price for infant (less than 2 years of age) who does not need seat is different from the one for infants of more than 2 years of age. Systemic tickets have three prices. Price for infants (less than 2), price for kids (2-12) and price for young people (over 12). It is noteworthy that infants are not given separate seat. You can specify if you need charter ticket or systemic ticket when buying your ticket.

What should I do if I had any questions about flight number and time or any other matters relating to my flight?

There are a lot of screens installed at the airport to show such information to you. However, if you felt you need guidance, you can go to flight information counters or passenger guid counter which are based at entrance and exit and transit halls to get help from their personnel.

What can I do if I had a question about parking lots?

If you had a question before or after parking your car or you felt you must give some explanations about your car or your car's location, you can refer to parking office which is based at the underground of passenger terminal.

What can I do If I had questions about my ticket?

If you noticed an inconsistency or confusion in data printed on your ticket you can contact your tour and travel agency. They would direct you to the location of airliner at the entrance hall and corridor.

What if I had a question about convenience and lounge of airport?

I you needed convenience at the airport or if you were confused about how to use airport convenience services, you can go to terminal management office located at eastern part of the exit hall and ask the for help.

Where should I refer to if I thought I needed to report something?

If you felt legal support at the airport or if you were threatened by unknown and unreasonable guys or if you noticed a hidden crime ongoing in the airport you can go to terminal management office located at eastern part of the exit hall or airport police station based at entrance hall.

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