Prayers room

Conditions and Number of Prayer Rooms

Conditions and Number of Prayer Rooms

Conditions and Number of Prayer Rooms At the present time, there are a total number of 17 prayer rooms spreading over an area of 946 square meters, and it is planned to extend this space to 1200 square meters in near future for the purpose of making sure of passengers' convenience. A unique event is that congregational prayer is performed three times a day with the presence of clergyman. This event has received warm welcomes from Iranian and Non-Iranian passengers. There are two prayer rooms with area of 150 and 50 square meters which are located at formerly-used formalities section and VIP of the airport, respectively. Construction of airport mosque is a top priority of authorities of Airports National Company.

The Most Beautiful Airport Prayer Room of the world Opened in Imam Khomeini Airport

This prayer room has been designed by skillful architects from the city of Isfahan under inspiration of Iranian art. Mosque of Imam Khomeini Airport uses the most fascinating style of architecture. It not only combines Islamic –Iranian styles and features, but also it fits with the size of Imam Khomeini Airport, and it is going to be opened in near future. We hope that with the efforts of transportation authorities and Imam Khomeini Airport managers, it would be ready for use within the next two years.

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