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For convenience of passengers, airport taxis with high level of modernity and safety are available round-the clock to handle passengers’ transfers across Iran. They are ready for service immediately outside of terminal space.

Advantages of Using Airport Taxis

Advantages of Using Airport Taxis
  • Passengers are under insurance protection
  • Safety of life and property are protected
  • Highly standard and modern cars are made available
  • Taxis are ready at any time of day and night without making passengers wait
  • Drivers are trained to provide airport service well
  • Rents are fixed for all spots of Tehran at any hours of day or night

Cars which are made available as airport taxis are Toyota, Renault Safrane, Volkswagen Caddy, Sonata, Ario and van.

Rents of airport taxis for transportation to all 22 districts of Tehran at any hour of day and night.
Ref. Taxi Model  Fare (Rial)
1 sedan 850،000
2 van 900،000
3 Toyota rav4 900،000
For suggestions and complains, please contact us at 51007644
Warning: for the sake for your life and property safety and for making sure of having better services, please avoid hiring cars with unknown drivers. Instead, authorized airport taxis are recommended.

For reservation of taxi from any location to Imam Khomeini Airport, please contact authorized taxi companies via phone numbers below. List of Imam Khomeni Taxi Companies

Taxi companies at Imam Khomeini Airport

Company Name Phone number website Company Name Phone number website
Seirosafar 021-51001833 Taxi Bisim Tehran 021-51001828
Taxi Lux 021-51001891 Taavoni Taxirani Company 021-51008545  
Pakro Sabze Qeshm 021-51001884      
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